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The event will include perspectives from many disciplines including science, wellness, art, ecology, new economics, indigenous culture and the wisdom of youth. UPLIFT will be broadcast to an international audience via live streaming and will also serve as one of the anchor hubs for the global event Birth, founded by leading evolutionary Barbara Marx Hubbard, and will unite a massive global audience on December 22nd.

What will it bring? Is it the end of the world? A new beginning for mankind? Or just another year on the calendar? The Shift of the Ages film is a true and authentic story of the Maya, the Mayan Calendar, and the turbulent times in which we are living. We are approaching the very moment in Precession of Equinox. The day of ending nearly 13, years old Male Conciseness cycle and the birth of new Female Conciseness cycle is here.

During this transitional time we share this experience with you by broadcasting 3 days series dedicated to answer arisen questions, guiding you in meditation, and accompanying you to the new cycle of Feminine Conciseness. Drunvalo is answering viewers questions related to transition day. He is talking about time frames of the shift in Conciseness and expected changes that would take place in the world. Matthews supports people in their conscious evolution. Simply by viewing the movie and its symbolic representation of creation, activation and ascension through Sacred Symbols, we awaken our DNA, awaken to our divine beauty, embrace the purpose of our beingness on Earth and resonate and fulfill the highest level of our souls potential.

That is the purpose of all souls in this momentous time here on Earth, to re-remember who we are and simply Be Love.

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on December 21st

The song was created as a celebration song for our Universal Life Tools Community.. Join in prayer with others on facebook. The choices are yours … the issues are yours. What we do each day can make a difference. Change the Human Experience by active participation, education, awareness and prayer … it can be done. Feel free to share with others your perspective about Dec 21 This is a free event for the community to celebrate the Winter Solstice and welcome in the new earth with a Birth celebration in cooperation with the vision of Barbara Marx Hubbard.

A day to celebrate the end of a cycle and the doorway to the potential of the new Golden Age on Earth. People around the world will be gathering to send their dreams and visions into the Ethers and anchor these into the land and water, sending their ideas out into the Universe to weave their future manifestations. We will open this day at Mt Martha Estuary, where we begin the creation of our Golden Age Waters, each adding our blessings and wishes to this alchemical blend. Then a stroll along the beach to work in front of Mt Martha House and bring in the water of the bay.

We will all take home a Golden Age Spray holding the alchemy and magic of the day. We have been waiting for this day for Million years!! This is the reason you are here on Earth at this time. How would you like to spend this monumental occasion? Join us along with the angelic, earthly and celestial realms, for a very special event that will allow you to connect with the energies of this remarkable day, join with like minded souls and honour yourself as a spiritual being here on this Earth. We are creating a beautiful sacred space in an amazing natural setting to assist us in our quantum leap from the 3rd dimension to the 5th Dimension.

Awakening to higher vibrations: Coming together as a group of souls calling in love and light is a powerful thing to do especially at Auspicious times. The technology and light language weaved into this transmission is supported by Master Thoth, Lord Melchizadek and my Celestial Temple. To make it easy for you to work with this most sacred and precious transmission — you can download the MP3 audio file FREE, allowing you to listen to it wherever, however and whenever you are guided!

Self Love Meditation , was recorded live at a Spiritual Communication workshop and released at the request of the participants. Bonnie will lead you through the delightful experience of loving and thanking each part of your body, bringing a sense of peace and well being. Weave your Solar plexus with threads of Love to attune to the new formation of self empowerment. Run your aligned life force from the Centre of Gaia through your own being as one with mother Earth. This is our Reality now. Our pets may be taking on our energy and trying to make us aware of where we need healing or where we need to create more balance in our lives by their behaviour, diseases or illnesses.

By healing them, we may also heal ourselves but we can make it easier for ourselves and our pets by being proactive and doing it with awareness. A very loving, gentle, nurturing angelic essence which subtly yet deliberately reweaves your whole energy field to facilitate change on a deeper level for your highest good.

The power of positive words on water, Dr Masaru Emoto believed that by projecting these, water took on a different, more beautiful structure.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Birth Path

Our Good Vibes turquoise bottle is adorned with positive, loving words, in the belief that by drinking from the bottle, we can absorb that beauty. The ml capacity is suitable for water, juices, milk and isotonic sports drinks and the hiking style clip is perfect for people on the go. No chemicals, no leaching. Just healthy living. A guidance reading by Erin can do a number of things; it can explore upcoming physical and spiritual events, provide insight into emotional blockages that may be holding you back from experiencing positive health, and, it can show you the outcome of difficult situations you may be faced with.

Erin understands that life can be an emotional roller coaster, so she approaches each reading with empathy and compassion, ensuring that by the end of the reading, you have a clear awareness of your future with a sense of peace and love. Expiry date of Gift: The guidance reading discount is valid until 31 January Payment is through paypal or direct debit.

December 2012 Astro-Numerology Forecast - Power Shift

Astrology horoscope Finance of Person born on December 21st : You will able to make money by few unusual methods. You could become an inventor or an unconventional writer. For this you will able to make a considerable amount of money and this will help to flourish your financial condition. In terms of fianc you may have to face some peculiar condition. Again, the unexpected more than the expected is likely to happen. Original ideas and plans will be born in your mind not inclined to fit in with other peoples view. You may also able to make huge amount of money from your business though you have to face many difficulties and problems.

You may take the suggestions from, an experienced person to increase you business as well as your financial condition. Astrology horoscope Career of Person born on December 21st : You start your career with the fields of any fields related to literature. You have possessed an extreme imaginative capacity and with the help of this you will able to flourish yourself as a poet, or as a proper person of literature. You also possess the proper sense of criticism.


With the help of this quality, you will be a good critic for the subjects related to literature. You also have a great fascination for the subjects related to science. You will also be an excellent contract, builders and designers of railways, transports shipping, or are successful as heads of industrial concerns. If you will be induced to go into any form of Government life, you rise to hold distinguished positions but of great responsibility. Famous Persons born on December 21st are listed bellow. Vaastu What is Vaastu?

Astro Articles What is Astrology? Read Free For 30 Days. Astrology Numerology for Person Born on December 21st. Description: xyz. Flag for inappropriate content. For Later. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. You are not logged in. Search Search Contents Facebook Astrology horoscope Friends of December 21st : The persons, who are born on the months of January and the later middle part of February, will be very supportive to you and they also always try to help you out to remove your all kinds of problems.

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