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Time is based on a cycle that alternates with the seasons. Each day sign lasts for around 24 hours, and is influenced by a number and a colour. It symbolises knowledge. This sign likes logic and logical thinking. This sign is strong of will, and good at organising, understanding and analysing. Its planet is Venus and its divinity is Tonacatecuhtli.

When a storm blows, this sign always manages to calm itself down in the end. This sign is flexible, and consequently, agile too. These are people who are both physically and morally strong, but very difficult to please! The House is generous and welcoming.


This sign likes other people, and seeks to find balance with its soul mate. House signs are rarely on their own, and find their place among family and in a routine. This sign's planet is Saturn and its divinity is Tepeyolohti. In Aztec culture, this animal represents vivacity rather than laziness.

It handles any situation and is incredibly resistant! People of this sign are very prudent when confronting an obstacle. Snake signs are spontaneous, and often act without reason. Their reactions can often be surprising. In the story of humanity, the snake symbolises reconciliation between Heaven and Earth. This sign also represents laziness! Death is word given to man; language, law, ethics. People of this sign are often introverts, who are not able to free themselves from the gaze of others. Life with a House sign will make a Death sign happy, and bring them self-confidence.

It is also synonymous with shyness, tenacity, and being a dreamer. People of this sign are also highly sociable. The Rabbit enjoys life's pleasures. Delicate and timid, this sign hates conflict. People of this sign make for pleasant company, always smiling and hard-working. They are also prone to anguish and like to have control over their lives.

In Aztec Astrology, it is also a symbol of worry, anguish and instability. Water signs are incredibly sensitive people, whose planet is Mars and divinity Xiuhtecuhtli. People of this sign are generous and ready to do anything to help and feel useful! They are really brave and highly intuitive, but also very shy. Their planet is Mars and divinity Mictlantecuhtli.

People of this sign are modest, charming, and able to adapt to any situation. According to Aztec tradition, the Monkey gave man fire out of love and compassion.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

This sign's planet is Mars and its divinity Xochipilli. It is one of the most mysterious signs in Aztec Astrology. Sometimes it represents good news, and other times it represents trials that must be overcome. It is a sign of sensitivity and resistance.

December 28 Zodiac Sign

This sign is a symbol of paradise on Earth, since it is in Atlantic surroundings that traditional reeds grow! The reed symbolises gaiety, optimism and life's most simple pleasures. This sign's planet is Jupiter and its divinities are Tezcatlipoca and Itzlacoliuhqui. The Ocelot is gifted with great strength of character, and can easily become aggressive. People of this sign can be calmed by the presence of a Flower or Monkey sign. It represents strength, virility and courage. Eagle signs have lucid minds, and are blessed with constantly renewed energy.

They are capable of making it through the dark and finding their way back to the light. This sign's planet is the Sun and its divinity Xipe Totec. In Aztec Astrology, this is a positive sign, synonymous with good health, long life, and also responsibilities! People of this sign make gifted businessmen and women, who move directly and calmly towards their goals. People of this sign are wise and cautious, with a sense of justice.

To find out more, look for your zodiac sign below to find out what's in store for you, according to astrology. Here is your horoscope for today, Saturday, September 28, , plus a tarot card. Aries, that project you've had on hold for a while maybe too much for you to handle and you'll need to ask for help.

Don't let your dreams be a near miss when you can have them become a reality. Ask a friend to partner up with you.

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Teamwork makes the dream work. Taurus, sometimes what you want is standing right in front of you wishing for you to just claim it as your own. The answer really is yes. It could be childhood fears or something within you that doubts that you are about to experience a new, beautiful change.

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Don't let your inner critic win. Accept this journey with open arms. Gemini, your endless curious nature always gets the best of you. You might find that you're starting to dabble in areas of interest that you had long forgotten or not tried because you didn't think you had the time. Cancer, sometimes laughter is all you can do and it's something that heals a situation even when you feel like there's nothing more to give or find redeemable.

You need a good laugh. Watch something funny. Let yourself escape a little while on social media, a movie or a game that brings a smile to your face.

Manna Tarot Sagittarius

Leo, sometimes a new start a fresh beginning or a little change can give you the refreshing moment you crave. Help others see this side of life as a positive. Be there to help heal a friend's fears and to accept the goodness a little adaptability can bring. Virgo, you're not asking for much. You only want what you're working hard to get.

Taking small, baby steps to get there is no small feat. It requires discipline, perseverance, and lots of self-love.

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You're making your dreams come true, one small accomplishment at a time. Give yourself credit for it. Libra, your understanding of nature, animals and the way the universe created every human being is a natural talent and gift. Don't squander it. If you have a desire to adopt a new pet or to love on someone less fortunate than you are, give in to that desire. Your heart is a conduit of love, express it. Scorpio, you know that things don't change until you make a decision and decide that they will.

You have to say your prayers and take action. You may not always understand the ins and outs or the whys or what ifs, but if you expect the best, and are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to get to where you need to be, good things happen along the journey. Sagittarius, seeing people, friends, and the world around you as a connected unit is a positive outlook.