Quincunx astrology meaning

A quincunx is a set of five objects, arranged so that four are at the corners of a square or rectangle and the fifth is at its centre. In each case the dots or pips are arranged in this distinctive shape. The Romans used quincunx as a symbol or marker for five-twelfths of an as , the latter being a Roman copper coin which at one time weighed twelve ounces which could be classed as an item of small change only if you are halfway to being a giant.

Learned Englishmen brought it into the language in the seventeenth century to refer to things arranged in this characteristic way. An early user was Sir Thomas Browne, in his Garden of Cyrus of ; this is a work of fantasy in which he traces the history of horticulture down to the time of the Persian King Cyrus. The king is credited with having been the first to plant trees in a quincunx, though Browne claimed to have discovered that it also appeared in the hanging gardens of Babylon.

It also signifies the ability of an individual to ascend from the four physical elements to the exalted and enlightened fifth one. The five points in the pattern symbolize the five human senses and their encircled arrangement represents the higher energy encircling and protecting us.

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The five-fold symbol lends itself to several powerful meanings over different cultures and is generally associated with integration, expansion and a journey into higher understanding. Quincunx makes a very popular tattoo design 5 dots tattoo that is accorded different meanings in different cultures. Sample Subjects. Russell Leroy Lawson. Double Yod from Mars and Mercury. Clara Victoria Lawson.

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Yod from the Moon. The Windsors.

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The Yod, an unusual and uncommon astrological configuration, is an isoceles triangle formed by two planets sextile sixty degrees from each other and both quincunx one-hundred-fifty degrees from a third, Fulcrum planet. Having a Yod in your chart means you have been chosen for some special purpose.

This presents a heavenly puzzle, for you may not know what your special purpose is, and have to trust in fate that you will fulfill it, even if you never figure out what it is. This is an angle of degrees, one sign short of an opposition, and one sign past a trine. The quincunx is a quirky, awkward aspect and uses up a lot of energy.

Planetary Aspects: Quincunx

All that energy has nowhere to go, if there are no meaningful aspects to any other celestial points. As mentioned above, when one planet is quincunx two other planets that are sextile each other, an elongated triangle called a Yod is formed. With a double quincunx, you can see why fate and a special purpose are involved in the analysis of the Yod. In keeping with the quirkiness of the quincunx, in some cases the subject may not ever figure out what this purpose is, and may fulfill it unbeknownst to her or himself!

This is part of the experience of having a special purpose.

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The Activation Point can be an impediment or an enhancement, depending on the overall configuration. If Neptune is on the Activation Point, there will be deep awareness of, and desire for, fulfillment of some idealistic goal such as the desire to do something for all mankind.


It is the highest honor to assist the Yod bearer in his or her life journey and voyage of self-discovery. The Yod is a tricky, but very rewarding formation to study because it offers so much potential insight for self-discovery and learning.

I have found it helpful to isolate and enlarge it in a wheel all by itself to get a close look. After analyzing the basic interaction between the three planets and their signs, it is easier to study the house significance and proceed to analyze the dispositors, the Activation Point, and other planetary influences. Finally, any other aspects to the Yod planets provide additional clues. Sister Ray has a Yod gold mine in her gifted and unusual family.

He was an electronics wizard who did top-secret work for the U. He performed unusual, highly sensitive jobs in his career in the Air Force, and once received a personal commendation from President Truman. Although he had a distinguished career, his work was top secret, so all the family knew was that he worked with radios!