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Person with Sun in 10 th house also found working or leading in military, defense etc. They are lover of adventures and new roles in life, they do not want to stay for long at same place or position. Native will be fond of music, dance or other performing arts. If Sun surya is afflicted by malefics then native gets addictions of any kind, trapped into vices like drinking, speculations etc.

Sun in 10th House: Career and Character

It also brings ill-repute to the native i. A lot of reformers, astrologers and scientists are born under its influence. Sudden changes in occupation are indicated. The slow and sluggish aspect of Saturn , if favorably placed, makes the person rise through industry, patience and perseverance, although there might be delays and interruptions. Saturn is generally subordinate and an affliction often leads to public discredit. The native may be talented, but lacks suitable avenues and opportunities. If the benevolence of Jupiter is well-connected to the 10 th House, it definitely indicates honor and high position.

As the ruler of justice and good morals, Jupiter ensures that the morality level of the person is high. The person will make money through just methods and make a good testimony for financial, social and political success. The militant nature of Mars when well-placed, allows a person energy, enterprise, force, will, courage and executive abilities.

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One can therefore lead any industry, or conduct a business successfully, especially with Mars placed in a mutable sign. Occupations using fire, iron or sharp tools are ideal. Affliction causes arrogance and aggression. Mutable Mercury brings in business success and entrepreneurship. This leads to mental and occult success as well. Mercury indicates plurality where one may be involved in more than a single occupation. Mercury is usually successful in its subordinate capacity and professions like engineering, export, import, international trade and post are ideal.

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Venus is peaceful and passive and indicates patronage from ladies in social, musical and artistic pursuits. Popularity is good humored and acquired in an affable manner, instead of by merit. The Sun is dignified and stands for honor, success, authority, power, distinction, prosperity, public support and patronage. It ensures success in government spheres, where credit is definite and success is steady, irrespective of what profession a person is in. The mutable Moon rules the general public. This is why her placement in the 10 th House indicates a successful public life.

However, with the Moon being mutable, changes and alterations in public life are also indicated.

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The person might thus be popular in public life, although the popularity may not be longstanding. Indications of the 10 th House. The 10 th House is known as the karmasthana which involves performing the last rites of the parents, attending religious rituals and yajnas, and work and make money.

Sun in 10th house - Analysis for all ascendants - Encyclopedia of Astrology - Zodiopedia

As a coincidence, they also lose either parent while they are flying in success. Indicating the father and the mother, the 10 th House implies makarasthana or death-inflicting houses. The reference of the House is also to the employers or superior in profession and trade, the judge and the government. The native should govern the wealth inherited from the patrimony.

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Sun in 10th house for All the Ascendant- Everything You Should Know

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