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Your partner should think twice before pulling one over on you!

Moon Sign Compatibility

An intimate Taurus or intelligent Virgo Moon would make a good match, appreciating and reciprocating your drive and desire, while an independent Aquarius Moon may not appreciate your often suspicious ways. You love to find joy, pleasure and enthusiasm in all of your endeavors, and you truly put your faith into matters of the heart. An open-minded Gemini or Aquarius Moon would suit your optimistic outlook in relationships, but an overly sensitive Cancer or stubborn Taurus Moon could simply bring you down. Always climbing, always reaching and always striving for the best At the same time, you may also appreciate a Cancer Moon's more nurturing take on a disciplined home life.

However, a Libra Moon may pressure you to too much to come down from your mountain and meet in the middle. You are calm, cool and collected -- and you know how to handle situations both independently and by working together for a common cause. A more spontaneous and courageous Leo Moon could serve you well by boosting your strengths and supporting your individuality, while a stubborn Taurus or impatient Aries may not make the best match as you continue on your own personal search for revolution.

Since you're a big dreamer and gentle by nature, the Pisces Moon will not fare well with another Moon sign as submissive and docile as you -- that rules out a Sagittarius or Libra Moon. However, an intense Scorpio or efficient Virgo could be just the sign to snap you out of your dreams and visions and bring you back to reality. By Tarot. Astrology , Compatibility , Moon. Personally, astrology has helped me learn how to better understand parts of myself — and empathize with others — in ways I never thought possible.

I think that it can explain a lot about people, but it rarely explains or predicts everything. At the same time, as someone who left fundamentalist Christianity and who uses astrology and tarot as tools of self-empowerment, I feel a need to make a fucking gigantic disclaimer, which is this:.

You are a person with agency who has free will and who ultimately has to take responsibility for your life and your choices. Your astrology provides you with information, but it in no way governs who you end up with. They are not the kinds of charts that scream soulmates. There are no rules! You literally make your energy work for yourselves as you go — you just have to understand who you are, how you work, and what you need. Astrology helps me live a more self-aware life on a daily basis, and I hope that in learning about your moon sign, it can help you, too.

Disclaimer over. This is mostly for fun, because as established, free-will. That said, here is what the sections mean:. Most Compatible — You work with emotions similarly, because you share the same element fire, air, water, or earth. Meet Your Match — These folks work with emotions in a way that is different than you, elementally, but share similar emotional themes and goals in a way that makes you go yes. There will be some challenges, but with good communication, you can really learn and grow together. Take a Risk — You are the relationship no one in your life saw coming.

Everything is a growth opportunity! An Aries moon is intense, but holds a fierce independence. You care a lot like, a lot , and you want to do everything right now. Really seeing things through for the long-haul. What turns you on: Courage. People who are unafraid to wear their heart on their sleeve, who fearlessly do their own thing, who are unafraid to be the outsider, who are willing to take a risk for love.

Ultimately, you need someone or multiple someones who can keep up — and who is cool splitting off to do their own thing. What you want: Inspiration. To rent a car with someone and plan a road trip on the fly.

Aries Sun Taurus Moon – General Info

What you need: Your own space. Far from it. A Taurus moon wants to nap it out, eat it out, fuck it out. You Taurus folks process your emotions in your own time; you are the sign that sows seeds, that teaches us to grow, that most cherishes your own inner stability. You need to physically feel your way through something, processing it through the body, whether through physically working out, laughing, crying. What turns you on: The slow burn. Good food at hole in the wall restaurants.

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Unexpected, unique ambiance. Good smells that evoke a sweet place and time. Your sign is ruled by Venus, who elevates anything she touches. Stop challenging yourself to be that spontaneous person and feeling guilty. You have so many gifts to offer. What you need, Taurus moon babes, is someone who matches and enjoys your pace — which is leisurely, luxurious, and downright sensuous.

You Gemini moons, children of Mercury, are charmed folk who can talk and flirt your way into anything and make the other person think it was their idea. Adaptable and curious, people have to work to keep your attention you want to bestow it on everyone! There are so many people to talk to! You process your feels by talking things out — but the real question at the end of the day is, what are you feeling?

What turns you on: A quick wit and a dry charm. Facility with language, if you will. What you want: Intellectual feeding. Someone who wants to learn from you. Someone you can learn from. Hold onto those people, and let the rest go. Explicitly clarifying situations and intentions will help a lot here.

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The moon is at home in Cancer. The moon feels deeply here. Shifts with the tides. Is strong. Emotional is too easy a word; we all have emotions, and the moon rules our emotions, always. Cancer is the crab; the hard shell, the soft underbelly. Cancer wants to be able to take off its shell, its burdens, and lay down with its love s in tenderness, in solidarity, in total union and familiarity.

What you want: To nurture, nourish, and care for others, especially through the means available through a home: food cooking, going out , cleaning, gardening, child and elder care. Given the right food, company, and comforts, you could easily not leave your house for days. What you need: To understand what home is, for you. This may not be a physical place. This may not be certain people. How do you carry home within yourself? Biggest Pet Peeve: A lack of gratitude and gentleness.

Leo is the lion, the ruler: the kings and queens of the zodiac. Leo energy inspires others to live their own best lives. And yes, you are fed and nurtured by appreciation. Although you both are possessive people, your demands differ. This is one roller-coaster relationship. Scorpio Moon sign is naturally more suspicious and secretive, while Taurus you are practical and feel content easier. Moon in Scorpio can be hostile when hurt, and will take revenge. Together you will drive each other mad with passion, or anger. You and Moon Scorpio will be lock in a cycle of breaking up and reconciling until something is resolved.

The only way is to accept that you both need to compromise and meet each other halfway. This pairing may not sound compatible, but you are a good match if you work at it. Taurus, you and Moon in Sagittarius are different people with little similarity. You might be compatible as work partners. Sagittarius Moon can be where the action is, while Taurus moon can run the routine practice. But things might be challenging in a romantic relationship says the moon sign calculator. You, Taurus moon dating Moon Sagittarius are distinctly different: Sagittarius likes to plan for the future, while you prefer to stay in the present.

Your reluctance to change can put a damper on the Sagittarius to satisfy curiosity. They want to be where the action is, but you prefer a calm environment away from new experiences. However, your differences can become a partnership worth fighting for. Your calmness and tranquility provides a home for roaming Sagittarius moon to return to.

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  • While they can push you towards the unknown, away from your comfort zone. Together, if you can make it work, you will both benefit from this Taurus moon love compatibility. Taurus, you and Capricorn Moon have similarities that help you start a good relationship: work or friendship. You and Moon in Capricorn value material things, and you both like to do the mundane routines. You can depend on each other, you harmonize with each other to create a peaceful household. But there are difference between you two that might cause friction.

    Taurus you are more laid back, you tend to take things easy and borderline on lazy; Moon in Capricorn needs to be actively working or accruing money to be happy. Capricorn Moon sign thinks that you are childish with your needs and feelings, while Taurus you think that Capricorn zodiac sign is too materialistic. However, you both can gain much from each other. You can help Capricorn enjoy results of their efforts and show more affection; Moon Capricorn can show you how to find motivation and be more ambitious in life.

    Together, you are a compatible moon compatibility pair that can take on the world in business and romance. Your placid demeanor can help things between you when you talk things out. You should address issues as they arise, as you can both work towards solving problems and strengthen your love relationship and become soul mates. You and Aquarius Moon have a lot of work to do for this partnership to work.

    Moon in Taurus Characteristics & Compatibility

    You may have a strong attraction to each other initially, because you are polar opposites. Both of you have your own strong opinions, and may bring much if you are in a business relationship. But you are both different people with different needs. Taurus you like stability and dislike change.

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    Moon in Aquarius thrives on adventure and freedom. You are more conservative, and Moon Aquarius loves change and all things new. They like to throw temper tantrums, which might upset you. Your reluctance to change might drive Moon in Aquarius crazy. In a business setting, Moon Taurus you can look after the boring, routine work while Moon Aquarius can work on the front end of things. In romance, little things can be solved, if you are both willing to be less stubborn and compromise. You are not compatible, that is clear.

    There is much work to do to make this relationship work long term. You have much to learn from each other, however there is also much compromising to be done. As you and Moon Aquarius are stubborn in nature, this partnership might not last. You and Moon Pisces love peace and harmony at home, you both value tranquility and will work hard to avoid fights.

    You both share similar interests, and you are generous people who will develop good friendship and a probably a strong romantic relationship. Moon in Pisces can be too dreamy and can be impractical. Moon in Taurus you thrives on practicality and routine household chores. Pisces and you are also passive people, but they will bend when your stubbornness threatens peace. Taurus you have the ability to nurture Pisces Moon and this relationship into something beautiful. Taurus moon and Pisces Moon are compatible in love.