20 october horoscope cancer or cancer

Contacts with a government, court, banking, or tax institution are will not bring a surprise. Men will need to be more caring about themselves. Your health will not be as stable as you want. You will get tired easily or have some health ussues. Cancer Weekly Horoscope 30 September - 6 October, If you were born under the sign of Cancer, this week will occur commitments related to the relative. Their implementation will require a greater concentration on their performance.

The week will be conducive to organizing or attending events related to birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary and more. This will be an auspicious week for you to achieve professional success, especially if your work involves traveling or with clients executives from another location.

Cancer Career Horoscope

It will be a favorable week for starting a new job, even if it requires traveling or moving to another place or country for a given period of time. This week will have a delicate problem that will need a solution for a child or young person, most likely from your own family. If your work is related to children, you will be subjected to greater psychological pressure and strain. During these seven days you will probably have more expenses and less revenue, but this is not a long-term trend.

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There will be brief difficulties in obtaining money or in handling financial documents. During the week you can get help or advice in your financial affairs from a relative. Cancer women will overcome some complex emotional situations in their workplace, which will, however, help to gain a more real-world view of colleagues, clients, or the specific position they are currently occupying.

The week will be remembered by a conversation or event related to a person born under the sign of Gemini, Libra or Aquarius. Men will experience intense anger or frustration at the actions or words of a man who will not only act dishonestly in a situation but will attempt to abuse or manipulate events.

CANCER OCTOBER 2019 - A Love Offer After Much Thinking - Love Horoscope & Tarot

This might make them unstable in ordinary relationships and interactions and could lead through significant turns in their professional direction, finances, or their marriage and relationships. If they make too many compromises, they will inevitably feel as if they can only burst and take a sharp turn, and to be a bit less dramatic in their sudden impulses, they should listen to them in time, following their emotional core every day.

This symbol is more of a depiction of these individuals running away from their deep issues, than it is of their realistic state, at least up to the point where they get in touch with their shadows and inner demons. Too much talk, their link to the higher thought, might be clear and incredibly rich with information for others, but their emotional state depends on their ability to land the plane, to create what they envision, and to do so with loved ones by their side.

The purpose in lives of those born on October 20th is in finding the right direction to move in, so they can hold on to the same course with their passionate inner sensation intact.

They are to travel, expand their horizons and learn, with education often calling on them as an opportunity to explore rather than something to provide them with status. They need to feel their inner voice and guidance coming from their heart, so that their beliefs will fall into place and allow them to see the incredible opportunities they have when their doors are open. The emotional world of those born on October 20th is filled with passionate encounters and fatal romances, and while things may become overly dramatic, they will usually stay rational enough to keep some sort of a balance.

Sabian Symbol

When they meet someone and fall in love, they want them exclusively to themselves, and stay focused sometimes to the point of jealousy and obsession. Sexuality typically plays an important role in the process of emotional healing. A person born on the 20th of October is good at all sorts of research and in-depth analysis.

They make excellent achievements in different fields of psychology and healing techniques and make great detectives and investigators with their instincts impeccable when they listen to them closely.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Menalite, also called the goddess stone, is a very good choice for a Libra born on October 20th, connecting them to ancient female insight. This stone should be chosen personally, by an attractive appearance. It assists contact with spirit guides, as well as past life regression, and helps one release fear, specifically fear of death. It tenderly brings one in touch with deep energies they carry within, sparking the light of faith and giving them a stable presence in this moment in time.

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With their emotions changeable, it might be a bit difficult to understand what they wish for. Their birthday gift needs depth, but each dilemma can be resolved by literature on healing or karma, crystals, and courses in meditation and past life experiences. In search for the light at the end of any tunnel, their present should have an optimistic and colorful feature, something joyful enough and meaningful enough to be seen, a reward waiting for them at the end of the road.

Deeply emotional and empathic, if they keep their heart open throughout changes in their life, they become healers and incredible support in times of crisis and all possibly dangerous situations in lives of others.